How to Review Your Chapter Recovery Plan

About Your Chapter Recovery Plan

Each of the nine Chapters in the Navajo Thaw Region have received a Chapter Recovery Plan. The purpose of the plan is to:

  1. Create a road map for a better economic future for your Chapter
  2. Identify projects and strategies to improve the economy
  3. Identify larger-scale projects that can benefit the entire Navajo Thaw Region
  4. Secure funding to implement projects

We are expecting that every Chapter will adopt their plan this winter or spring. We want every plan to reflect the priorities of all the people. So, do not hesitate, provide your feedback now.

What to Look for in Your Plan

Everyone has different expectations and desires for their Chapter. For some people, they simply want improvements to their home. For others, it is about infrastructure. For still others it is about public facilities and business development opportunities.

Think about what is important to you for the future of your Chapter. Then look to see if you can find that information in the plan. If you see anything missing, you can provide this information to your Chapter Officials, or by filling out a Feedback Form:

Where Can I Find My Chapter's Plan?

Every Chapter has received a copy of the plan. It is our hope that you can find a “paper copy” of your plan at the Chapter House. You can also easily find it on the Recovery Plans page: