Chapter Participation

Native Builders, one of the members of the Navajo Thaw Implementation Plan support team, will guide Chapters through the following steps.

Initial Steps for Chapter Participation in the Navajo Thaw:

1. Inform Native Builders that the Chapter Wants to Participate
2. Commit to "Plan Week"

Plan Week consists of two days of intensive planning during which each Chapter's distinct strategic plan will be created.

3. Form a Steering Committee

A steering committee is comprised of 8 to 30 persons who are dedicated to support the Chapter.

4. Select your Plan Week dates

*See calendars below for available dates.

5. Participate in Plan Week

Several sessions for the Steering Committee (100% attendance is a must) and a session for public input.

6. Commit to Implementation
7. Designate an FBFA Roundtable Representative

Each Chapter selects a representative and and alternate for the FBFA Roundtable.


Available Plan Week Dates

The dates colored in green below are available for Chapters to schedule their respective Plan Week sessions.  Each Chapter should contact Thomas Tso to select their preferred dates.  Date availability will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis.

Plan Week Availability - October 2019

Plan Week Availability - December 2019

Plan Week Availability - November 2019

Additional Helps